New Blog … Title Help?

It has been very quiet here lately. Life has been hectic and I have had new blog ideas bouncing around in my head. I started Thoughts of a Lunatic because I had nowhere else to share & shed my thoughts, and it has truly served its purpose well.

But while this blog still holds a special spot in my heart, I feel like I have outgrown it. My life is different in almost all ways, and I struggle to find things to write about. I will not be getting rid of it … after all, I will always be a lunatic that needs a special place to put my crazy, but I want to have a different outlet that is more focused on where my life is at now.

This brings me to an illness I have come down with … baby fever. I admit it, my hormones are charging full speed ahead at the thought of becoming a mother. I have always wanted to have children, and as my husband and I are in the process of owning our first home together, it feels like the right time to be able to seriously start thinking about it. I want to create a new blog that centers around the hysteria, fear, and process of becoming a first time mom. The before’s, during’s, and after’s. And everything in between. I don’t feel like that stuff fits in here at Thoughts of a Lunatic, so I am going to graciously hang up my hat a bit and slowly bid adieu. It is certainly bittersweet and emotional, but I feel that the time has come.

What I need help with is the title. There are thoughts bouncing around my head, but I really could use some input. I wonder if I should keep with the “Loony” persona (since it feels like home) or do something completely different.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Chime in on title’s already mentioned, or come up with a new one. If I end up choosing a title that one of you comes up with, I’ll send you a little something to say thank you.

My current brainstorms: “A Loony Mama” … or my husband’s idea “Mommy Files” (named after my Pinterest boards on all things kids).

This should be a fun little journey. Hope to see you all there along with me!

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8 thoughts on “New Blog … Title Help?

  1. Can’t help much bc not a parent and all. Like the ‘Loony Mama’ title. From what I’ve seen, kids turn people a bit loony, in a good way. Good luck with everything.

  2. My blog has a theme every month. Last May the focus was on mothers actually. Any posts I did regarding the moms in my life (my mom, my friends, etc.), I called them “The Mommy Diaries” so I think the Mommy Files is awesome! I’m not a mom -single no kids here, but I have plenty of friends who are and parenting can drive a person loony on occasion, though I suspect that’s different than the persona you’ve established here. However, I bet there’s a way to bridge those two concepts if you were feeling like keeping that persona. Maybe you could combine your ideas or his with the loony persona. Some thoughts I have (not that they’re any good lol) The Mommy Files: Ramblings of a Loony Mom; Or shorten it to just Ramblings of a Loony Mom. If you wanted to just use The Mommy Files (or Diaries) that would be a great way to separate yourself from this blog, creating a new persona but leave room for some “loony” as you need to. Like I said I think most parents are going to understand that there’s some loony to raising kids. Since you’re describing a journey, maybe you could try “Navigating Motherhood,” or something of that nature. Maybe you could even just flat take the loony persona all together and say “The Loony Ventures into Motherhood” – okay that one’s pretty bad lol but you get the idea. Maybe “A Loony Mother’s Odyssey,” – I don’t know. I’m rambling myself now lol. I think regardless of what you pick, there should be something describing a journey, adventure, pilgrimage maybe because you’re talking about tracking a span of time and logging it for others to follow. My suggestions are probably pretty ridiculous but hopefully they’ll at least point you in a direction you want to go. :) Good luck and I hope to be able to follow the new blog. I love your writing!

  3. “MoMents blogging, with my coffee” (breast milk?)
    I would add “hidding from my kids in the bathroom with the door locked, so they leave me the F alone”, but that may be a add on later, my kids are boys 22,20,10 girl 13. So they don’t care, I am their beck and call, B.
    I am really glad you are doing well, everyone deserves to be happy. Good luck on the new blog! Can’t wait to read it!


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