Supporting a Hero

For those of you that have followed my journey these past few months, you will remember my little sister. If not, you can catch up to speed here. She suffers from a rare autoimmune disease that, with even the best doctors’ aide, cannot be diagnosed. The pain and anguish this girl has been through is something that I will make no attempt to describe. But, she is home now. She is home. Her journey will be a lifelong one, but each day she makes the decision to fight. She holds her head up high and continues to walk toward her dreams … even though everything is harder now.

I bring this up because she has created a video on Youtube; a makeup tutorial. She is just starting to come out of her shell again, after months of lying in pain in a hospital bed. Makeup, art, and fashion design are her main passions in life, and she is trying to venture back out. Even if you are not a fan (or in need) of a makeup tutorial, would you still watch it? Perhaps follow her channel? Here is the link.

She also designs tattoos for people…




And paints …


If anyone would be interested in talking to her about a tattoo design or painting, please email me here.

I have also set up a donation site for her medical bills here.

Any support for her is crucial right now, so that her confidence that life still has a purpose for her, will grow. She is so special, so kind, so strong. I know that big things are in store for her, and am honored to be able to share her talents.

6 thoughts on “Supporting a Hero

  1. She’s looking so grown up now, she’s got that great combo of beautiful and cute. She definitely is a hero. I hope some really great things come her way now.


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